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Netvibes: Diseñar y compartir temas creados por tí

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Netvibes para el que no lo conozca es una aplicación web 2.0 que te permite gestionar las news o blogs que normalmente sigues de una forma totalmente online y accesible desde cualquier ordenador con acceso a internet, es decir, es una especie de “Google Reader”.

Este gestor de news es mi favorito y lo uso desde hace más de 4 años (vamos desde que salió la primera versión beta jejeje) y ahora no puedo prescindir de él y por supuesto ni cambiarlo por otro 😀

Leído en Netvibes blog:

Design and share your own themes

A few months ago, we opened our labs and introduced Theme Designer. This application allows anyone to rapidly create new themes the easy way, simply by clicking and picking color and design options. Today, we’re happy to announce that Theme Designer is the first project to graduate from Netvibes Labs and is now available for all users.

Make and publish themes the easy way

Theme Designer is a visual editing tool that makes it easy for anyone to create their own themes in minutes. Users simply click and pick which colors they want for all the different sections of their page, along with detailed design options from a simple menu. A preview window shows changes live, so you can see your changes as they happen–no coding required.

Once you’ve created a theme you like, you can publish it to the Netvibes Ecosystem where millions of other users can install your new design on their page. All you have to do is hit the Publish button and you’re done!


  • Visual Editor: Zero coding required. Simply click and pick your color and design options.
  • Color Palettes: Say goodbye to hex codes! Just choose from a simple color picker.
  • Full Customization: Complete control over the header, footer, tabs, widgets and more.
  • Free Hosting: We’ll host your background images and theme creations for free.
  • Easy Publishing: Showcase your theme on the Netvibes Ecosystem in just one click.

Browse and search for new themes

We’ve also added a new Theme catalog to the Netvibes Ecosystem to make it convenient for users to find, preview and install new themes on their Netvibes pages. There are already more than 200 themes, including animated themes, available with many more being added everyday.

Ever feel like you want a new theme, but were unsure of exactly what? We’ve made it easy not just to search for themes based on keywords and popularity, but also by category and color. So the next time you feel a little blue, we have just the theme for you.

Check out the new theme catalogue at: http://eco.netvibes.com/themes

How to apply a new theme to your Netvibes page

  1. Find a theme. Themes can be accessed from the Preferences link at the top of your page or via the Netvibes Ecosystem. From the Ecosystem, you can pick by category, color, popularity or by searching for a keyword.
  2. Try it out. Don’t worry: you can always undo it if you don’t like it.
  3. Keep it or change it back. If you don’t like the theme, simply click Discard changes to revert back to your old theme settings.

You can also access the Theme Designer and create your own theme from the Settings menu.

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Written by Angel Flores

3 enero 2010 a 13:01

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